Credit: Twitter

Do you see that cascade of shimmering beauty? No, it's not a waterfall of liquid gold, it's merely Kailyn Lowry's glorious fountain of tresses — otherwise known as "hair."

Kailyn is world-famous for her locks of love (oh, and the fact that she's on Teen Mom 2), but she's always stayed loyal to her natural shade of blonde. Sure, girlfriend has dip-dyed her hair ombre and flirted with a strawberry hue, but she's a straight-up blondie-locks. Or is she?

Kailyn's life has been full of changes lately (she just got married to her sweetheart, Javi Marroquin!), and now she's flirting with the idea of becoming a brunette! But will she actually bite the bullet? That remains to be seen.

"I've been debating coloring my hair dark brown but I'm scared I'm not gona like it!" Kailyn tweeted on February 19. "I keep going back & forth with it! #help"

Hear that, y'all? Kailyn needs your help! We have no doubt that this Teen Mom beauty queen would look A+ with a head full of brown hair, but we're just so used to her being blonde!

Hmmm, this is almost as hard as that one time we had to decide between pizza and bagels. But then the pizza bagel bite was invented and everything made sense again. What do you think, Teen Momers? Should Kailyn go brown?