Credit: Instagram Photo: Kailyn Lowry and Husband Javi Marroquin Share a Kiss

Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry is totally dunzo with her dermals and is desperate to get them removed. But the Teen Mom 2 star seems really worried about getting them taken out!

“Hate my dermals! I want them taken out but I'm way too scared,” the Pennsylvania mama tweeted to fans.

As you can recall, Kailyn revealed that she got three dermals on her collarbone on Instagram in January. After only a couple months, the new military wife wants to have them taken out. When a fan asked the mom why she got them (to then turn around and take them out), she responded:

“@Lynlin2010 I obviously wanted them then.”  

Credit: Instagram Photo: Kailyn Lowry Reveals Her New Chest Dermals on January 26, 2013

Ouch! We understand that Kail doesn’t want her piercings anymore, but she shouldn’t take her anger out on a fan.

Either way, Kail’s loyal fan base sprung into action, offering the little lady body art parlors where she can remove the four dermals (yup, she’s got one on her back too!) painlessly. Kail notified her Twitter friends that she can totally manage taking them out, but that she’s just worried that they won’t come out.

“@shann_n_n My place does but I'm so nervous,” she tweeted. “I've had some come out on their own before which isn't bad but these are just not budging.”

Yikes! Seems like some piercings aren’t as temporary as we thought.

Do you think Kailyn should remove her dermals after only having them a couple months? Sound off below!