Credit: instagram Photo: Kailyn Lowry and Husband Javi Marroquin Are All Smiles!

Remember when pop star Miley Cyrus shamelessly made a video of herself twerking in a unicorn onesie? Well there’s a new twerk champ and his name is Javi Marroquin! That’s right, the husband of Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry challenges Miley’s vid by showing off some of his own moves. Step to left, Miley!

In the video, Javi poses the question “Who said Miley Cyrus was the only one that can twerk?” Then a second later the airman, who is stationed in Texas for Air Force tech training, proceeds to “twerk” it to his own musical stylings of J. Dash’s song “Wop”.

And yes ladies — there’s quite a bit of booty shakin’! But hands off! This airman (who seems to be channeling a bit of Magic Mike for the camera) belongs to Kail, and Kail only.

Near the end of the vid the military man asks “what you know about that?” before doing one last shake for the camera and ending in a pose.

Looks like Javi’s hips don’t lie either! Click here to check out Javi twerking

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