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Kailyn Lowry's the most mature gal on the Teen Mommy block, but even blonde bombshells have their problems. Poor Kailyn is hot off the heels of a breakup with her boyfriend, professional mumbler Jordan Wenner, and it looks like she's head-over-heels for her baby daddy, the rap genius commonly known as Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body (aka N.I.C.K.b, double aka Jo Rivera).

The problem? Jo is all about playing the lady field.

You see, Jo has made a music video (read: work of art) in which he rolls around in bed with a sexy lady named Vee, who Kailyn thinks is a "hoodrat." To make matters worse, Kailyn heads over to Jo's house to pick up Isaac, only to realize that Vee's asleep upstairs. Uncool, Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body. Uncool.

Kailyn confronts Jo about their relationship, and he offers the following musing: "I don't really have time for a girlfriend right now." Luckily, Kailyn busts out her inner feminist and tells Jo that Vee isn't allowed to be around her son. Girl power!

In other news, Kailyn's worried about Isaac because he isn't socializing well with the other kiddos at his school. Psh, Isaac socializes with MTV's cameramen 24/7. Clearly, they're the only friends he needs.

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