Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom 3 star, Katie Yeager, gave fans a fright when she got into a nasty accident in early March and totaled her car. Let's just say we were in a terrified frenzy, we were clutching our pearls for dear life. Luckily, girlfriend is A-OK and only suffered a few minor scratches and a nasty burn, but her car? It's most definitely seen better days.

The good news is that Katie was able to buy herself a new set of wheels thanks to the fact that she landed a sweet new job in Salt Lake City, Utah (where she recently moved after ditching her baby daddy in Wyoming), and she's sharing a picture of her ride!

Credit: Instagram

"Guess who finally is getting a new car," the Teen Mom 3 star posted to Instagram in early April along with a picture of her new ride — a sparkly silver Chevrolet SUV!

This car is perfect for hauling Baby Mollie around, and hopefully it will fare better than her old one (RIP, buddy). By the way, call us crazy but it looks like girlfriend is well on her way to becoming a soccer mom — that thing is huge!

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