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Shhh, quiet. It's Kieffer's abs. They only come out of hiding once in a blue moon, so it's important to treat them with respect and sensitivity.
Kieffer's girlfriend, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, tweeted this drool-worthy pic of Keef's six pack just a few days ago, and we only have a few minutes to analyze it before it goes back from whence it came.

Credit: Instagram

First of all, Kieffer appears to be rocking an enormous skull tattoo in the middle of his chest, which says "Hi, my name is Kieffer, I am both alluring and dangerous, and I like skulls." 

Keef also has major manscaping going on (whatever floats your boat, buddy), and does not (we repeat not) have a beer belly. In the words of Jenelle, "Mmmmm! Does this look like a beer belly to u?"

What do you think Keefelles? Are The Delp's washboard abs everything you thought they would be and more?

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