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Welcome to the best day of your life, aka The Day of The Delp.

Jenelle Evans' wayward-yet-sexy boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, has decided to bring home the bacon. How you ask? By selling hand-carved wooden pipes perfect for smokin' herb (the legal kind, of course). Ladies and gentlemen, may we present Kieff's Pipes, a beautiful website with pictures of deer (confusing …) and a gorgeous pic of Kieffer smiling up at us.

While Kieffer's pipes won't be available for online purchase for a week or so, you can email him for pre-orders and can also request custom pipes! Obviously, we will be ordering pipes in the following shapes:

Ugg Boots
Kieffer's face
Smiley Face Emoticons

We know the last one sounds complicated, but we have no doubt Kieffer will take his passion and make it happen.

Source: Kieffer's Website

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