Credit: Twitter Photo: Leah Messer Hangs Out With Friends

The stars of Teen Mom are used to being under the microscope, but this is just ridiculous.

After posting a photo of herself driving during a Friday night out with friends, Leah Messer got bombarded by followers asking if she was drinking beer while driving.

There are two cans next to Leah in the photo, and some people began speculating they were Bud Lights.

An exasperated Leah fought back against the rumors. "Monster && red bull! #dumbasses I quit tweeting!," she wrote, adding, "people are ridiculous!"

It's too bad haters had to rain on her parade, since it was a rare night out for the Teen Mom. "this is the first time I've done anything in a while!" she tweeted.

Hope this doesn't prevent Leah from another fun girls' night on the town!

Source: Twitter

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