Credit: Twitter Photo: Leah Messer Tweets a Picture of Her Daughter Aliannah Standing on Her Own

You guys, big news just broke in the Teen Mom world: Leah Messer Calvert’s daughter, Aliannah, is a genius!

According to Leah’s tweet, the adorable almost-3-year-old “had an evaluation and scored beyond a 5-year-old’s level cognitively!” And as her proud mama said, Ali definitely “deserves a congrats” — Leah even hash tagged “#Genuis”!

Although Leah didn’t mention her other twin daughter, Aleeah, in the tweet, we’re sure she did just as well — twin brains, right? And even if they aren’t both on the same level, we’re sure these two will help each other out in school for years to come. Soon they’ll be headed to preschool. Aww!

Are you surprised that Leah’s daughter is a “genius”? Weigh in below!

Source: Twitter

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