Credit: Twitter

Much like the rest of the Teen Mommyverse, Leah Messer is addicted to Twitter. And cheese puffs. And camouflage. And Uggs.
Leah likes to keep her private life private, but she tweets almost every day — whether it's an inspirational quote or an adorable picture of her twin daughters! However, Leah's been mysteriously absent from the interwebs this week, and some fans are convinced she went into labor!

Well, no such luck. Leah's baby is still in her bulging belly, but she has been sick with a killer sinus infection and earache. "I hate being sick!!" Leah tweeted on January 24. "#SinusInfection && #EarInfecfion I've never had either one. I very seldomly get sick. I have no energy. #Ugh."

Awww, poor Leah! Coming down with an illness so late into pregnancy must be rough, so send this Southern belle your best wishes for a speedy recovery! Or just eat some Ho Hos in her honor.

Source: Twitter