Credit: Twitter Photo: Ali and Leah Sit Under the Hair Dryer

On the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, we watched as 19-year-old Leah Messer took her developmentally delayed daughter Ali to several doctors appointments and agonized over all of the possible things that could be wrong with her little girl.

Doctors found nothing definitively wrong with 2-year-old Ali, and now a source close to Ali’s dad, Corey Simms, is telling Us Weekly that Ali has started walking!

The source says Ali “can walk when someone stands behind her, holding her hands.”

While Ali hasn’t quite caught up to her twin sister Aleeah, she’s certainly making progress. “It's a major step toward walking solo,” the source continues.

“She wants to be able to run around an delay (sic) with Aleeah!”

Hang in there Ali, you’ll be getting into trouble with your sister soon enough!

Source: Us Weekly