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Leah Messer Calvert’s daughter, Aliannah, has had a few health struggles — mainly concerning her eyes — but lately, she’s seemed healthy and happy. However, today, the tiny toddler was unable to eat, heading to the doctor for some tests.

The Teen Mom 2 star took to Facebook this morning, concerning fans when she wrote, “I will not eat until my baby girl can eat. #AliannahHope .. We miss you #AleeahGrace && love you !!”

After fans freaked out in the comments, the official page quickly cleared things up, writing, “Ali had a procedure done today. She was not allowed to eat beforehand. Leah did not starve herself nor the expected baby. Ali is fine, they were just doing some testing.”

Phew! While no details have been released about Aliannah’s “procedure,” it sounds like routine testing to us, and we’re sure Ali had yummy treats with her mom after she got home!

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