Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer suffered a tragic miscarriage in January 2012 when she was eight weeks pregnant with hubby Jeremy Calvert's baby. The West Virginia sweetheart opened up about her heartache during Teen Mom 2's Season 3 reunion with Dr. Drew on Feb. 11, attributing the miscarriage to stress.

Despite her candid confession, some fans (read: haters) claim Leah's lying about what really happened. But Jeremy's coming to his wife's defense, making it clear that she did not voluntarily elect to terminate her pregnancy.

"It's sad people like u hate ur life," he wrote back to a follower who accused Leah of having a secret abortion. "wtf r u talking about?"

You tell 'em, Jer!

Thankfully, Leah was able to concieve again and just welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world on Feb. 4, making twins Aliannah and Aleeah big sisters! The couple hasn't released photos of the newborn yet, but keep checking back for updates.

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