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Maci Bookout is a hands-on mom to Bentley and can hardly bear being away from him (remember on last week's Teen Mom episode, when she couldn't even take him to daycare?).

But even she admits she went too far inviting herself along on Ryan Edwards' family vacation. 

"yes i may have slightly been crossing the line going on that trip," she tweeted during last night's new episode, "but i did it anyways and im so glad i did :)"

Maci found out in this episode that Ryan had a new girlfriend, Dalis Connell, who would be going on the vacation, too. Maci was very surprised, and even snarked "I'm sweeter" to her friends.

Did Maci still have some residual feelings for Ryan? Was she jealous, even though she was living with boyfriend Kyle King at that point>

"no i wasnt mad tht ryan had a gf, i was upset tht he hadnt even mentioned her to me but she was going on their fam vaca with bentley so soon," Maci clarified.

Maci and Ryan get along much better now, and Maci has even said nice things about Dalis.


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