Credit: Instagram Photo: Maci Bookout and Son Bentley on Super Bowl Sunday 2013

Hey, Maci Bookout fans! After a few sand-filled days in Daytona Beach, Fla. with her crew, Maci Bookout is going to enjoy the rest of her spring break with son, Bentley Edwards! The Teen Mom star recently posted a video on Keek with her adorable 4-year-old son on the plane destined for Dallas, Texas.  

While the pesky flight attendant goes over the the safety precautions, Maci and Bentley talk about where they are headed off to and if the little tyke is excited to be on an airplane.  

When Maci asks Bentley how he feels about being onboard, the motocross wunderkind says “Good!” Unlike other little kids his age, Bentley isn’t scared of the airplane either.

“Are you scared?” Maci asks.
“No!” Bentley exclaims proudly.

When you consider that this boy rides on a motorized bike with no training wheels, you can only expect him to be fearless.

After Dallas (where we suspect Maci is going to spend some time with boo Taylor McKinney), Maci and Bentley will be off to Oklahoma City where they will no doubt have tons of Okie fun.

Do you have a fear of flying on planes? Tell us how you feel below!