Credit: Instagram

Twitter can be a dangerous place for celebrities (especially Lindsay Lohan) — mostly because their musings about life and love are easily misinterpreted. Case in point, Teen Mom's Maci Bookout.
This gal is currently dating Taylor McKinney, a motocross racer from Dallas who stole her heart a few months ago. But a recent tweet from Maci ("Boys are cheats & liars. theyre such a big disgrace!!!!") sent the internet into panic mode! Did Tayci break up? Did someone cheat? What is happening?

Well, phew guys. Turns out Maci was just playing around on Twitter (oh, the LOLs!), and she and Taylor are still dating. In fact, when a fan asked Maci if she's single, she responded "haha no im sorrry im still happppy wif @tmon3yy!"

Guess this means that Maci and her baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, are officially not together! At least for now … dun, dun, dunnnnn!