Credit: Instagram Photo: Maci Bookout Rocks Red Lips on March 8, 2013

Maci Bookout might just be the luckiest lady in Teen Mom Land. Not only is this gal blessed with ginger hair, she has a rockin' bod, a great group of friends, the hunkiest baby daddy this side of the moonshine mill, and the cutest four-year-old ever!

Maci gave birth to her son, Bentley, at the tender age of sixteen, and says he's the greatest gift she's ever received. Aside from her God-given cheerleading skills, naturally.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Maci Bookout and Son Bentley Say No to Teen Pregnancy

"Bentley is the most amazing gift I have ever received..." Maci posted to Instagram on May 1 along with a sweet photo of herself and her man. "He was given to me through a teen pregnancy. BUT I will never deny that I would never want him to become a teen parent, and go through the struggles being a teen parent brings. So help us, and stop teen pregnancy!"

Sigh, so many life lessons, so little time. We're thrilled that Maci is fighting against teen pregnancy, but let's be real: Benny From The Block is the exception to the rule. The little dude is a professional motocross racer, guys. He's basically doing the lord's work, one dirt bike riding session at a time.

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Source: Instagram