Credit: Instagram Photo: Maci Bookout and Son Bentley Take a Selfie in Oklahoma March 14 2013

As we all know, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout's son, Bentley Edwards, is basically a god amongst men. He's by far the coolest kid in Teen Mom Land — dude rides a motorcycle and he’s only four — so naturally his wish is Maci's command. The problem? Benny From The Block is obsessed with having a little brother, a gift that Maci just isn't prepared to give him!

"Okay yall, Bentley has asked me for a brother at least 3 times this week..." Maci tweeted on April 24. "How do i answer him without breaking his heart, or mine? help!!"

Yikes, looks like girlfriend is in quite a pickle. We're thinking our girl has two options here: 1. Maci can convince her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, to take their long distance relationship to the next level by getting her pregnant (um, worst idea ever), or 2. Maci can sweetly explain to Bentley that he'll have to wait a little while longer to become an older brother.

Of course, if neither of those two options pan out, Maci can just get her kiddo a fleet of adorable puppies ... or a fleet of new dirt bikes. Either one should be fine.

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Source: Twitter