Now that Maci Bookout's back in college, it's time for our buddy Bentley to take preschool by storm! Awww, this little dude is growing up so fast — he'll be racing dirt bikes and chugging down Red Bulls in no time.

Maci is more than a little traumatized about sending her kiddo to school full-time, but she and Kyle take Bents to a trial class where he tearfully shows a teacher his stunna shades. Sob, so cute!

Of course, we can't forget that Maci shares joint custody of Bentley with her baby daddy, Ryan, and she's worried he won't be aboard the preschool train.

"I just know Ryan's gonna be difficult about it," she tells her boyfriend, Kyle. "Technically, I don't have to ask him what he thinks, but I'm gonna be nice and I'll try to include him in it, and then he's just gonna be a jerk."

Like Maci predicts, Ryan is less than enthused about Bentley going to school — especially when it comes to the whole "learning Spanish" thing. We get that Ryan doesn't want to give up one of his only days with Bents by sending him to play with strangers, but c'mon. Aren't you supposed to care about your son's education?

Oh well, Bentley's going to preschool no matter what, so Ryan better get used to him saying "hola."

By the way, can we please talk about Kyle in that grey tank top? Va-va-man-voom.

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