Credit: Instagram

You can take the girl off the cheerleading squad, but you can’t take the cheerleader out of the girl! Teen Mom 3 former All-Star cheerleader Mackenzie Douthit delighted fans with a photo of the pint-sized star bussin’ a toe-touch on the beach in Destin, Fla.

“I'm a cheerleader wherever I am ;) #toetouch #beach” she Instagrammed with a photo of herself getting some serious air in a pink bikini.



Credit: Instagram Photo: Mackenzie Douthit Does Toe-Touch on the Beach in Destin, Fla.

The Teen Mom 3 star took the pic while on vacay with a couple of her gal pals in the sunny state. In addition to her toe-touch, Mackenzie shows off her upper body strength and balance while doing a handstand in her bikini.  

We all know that Mackenzie is famous for contorting her body in a million and one shapes. Her yoga poses alone are enough for us to go green with envy!

And this isn’t the first time that Mackenzie has showed off her cheerleading skills in barely-there swimwear! Back in July 2012, Mackenzie posted photos of her friends putting her up in stunts (including a full extension, a liberty, and heel-stretch) in a body of water.

Although the Okie mama is no longer on a team, she sure knows how to work her body!

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