Credit: Instagram

It's clear that Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit has a high pain threshold. Not only did the pint-sized Oklahoma sweetheart pop out baby Gannon, but she's also a competitive cheerleader who twists and turns her body into all kinds of bizarre poses. And over spring break, she took her love of adrenaline to the next level by piercing her belly button. Ouch!

Credit: Instagram

"Handled it like a champ ;) ... Jk I didn't #bellybuttonpiercing," Mackenzie posted along with an Instagram picture of the momentous occasion.

As far as we know, Mack's new navel ring is her only body modification. Unlike her fellow MTV co-stars, this gal has no dermals or tats to speak of! However, rumor has it the Teen Mom 3 girls got inked together while filming their Season 1 reunion in New York City back in November 2012.

"Gonna go get some tattoos with the girls!" Briana tweeted on November 3. "#TEENMOM3 @OfficialSekella @Katiebyeager @DouthitKenzie.

Who knows? Maybe this belly ring is the gateway to more experimentation. We could totally see her rocking a back tat like Maci Bookout's. After all, we did already anoint Mackenzie as the new Maci!

What do you think of Mackenzie's new belly ring? Dish it below, Teen Mom fans!