Credit: Instagram

Mackenzie Douthit is working on her fitness like Fergalicious! This bombshell Teen Mom 3 has a ridiculously rockin' body considering that she popped out a watermelon-sized baby from her lady parts a year ago, and we're dying to know how she stays in shape. Especially since the only exercise we get is walking to and from the front door to pay the pizza delivery dude...


Credit: Instagram

The good news? Mackenzie has started her very own blog where posts health and fitness tips and tricks, and she's finally shared her workout routine! That's right, ladies, the time has come to slip your hot bod into a spandex unitard (that's what people wear to the gym, right?) and get sweaty!

Mackenzie's routine is simple yet effective. Girlfriend combines V-ups with side crunches, throws in a few planks and mountain climbers, pounds her way through 20 pushups (NBD), does a few dog leg lifts, works in a few regular crunches, leaps around like a frog (no, really), and finishes up with some mountain climbers. Oh, and then she takes a 2-minute water break and starts the entire process over againtwo more times.

Our muscles are aching just reading this, but if you're feeling inspired by Mackenzie's routine, head to her blog for detailed instructions about how to complete each and every move! And don't forget to stretch, y'all.

Source: Mackenzie's Blog