Credit: Instagram

A giant love bomb just exploded in Miami, Oklahoma! Yep, you guessed it — Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit and her baby daddy, Josh, are newly engaged! These two have been exclusively dating for several years, and even put a ring on it after Mackenzie popped out Gannon at the tender age of 16.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Mackenzie Douthit's Engagement Ring

Mackenzie and Josh decided to cancel their engagement back in October to make a fresh start, and we're so happy they've gotten back on track with a sparkly diamond! No, seriously –– check out Mackenzie's bling. We're practically blind from looking at it ... though that could also be the fault of her glittery nail polish.

No word yet as to when Mackenzie and Josh are tying the knot, but they're planning a move to San Diego in August, so we assume the off-white wedding will take place before then. Let's hope MTV's cameras are around to capture the moment, ya'll!

Source: Instagram