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Better start hand-crocheting some miniature Uggs, because Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is welcoming another baby into her growing family! No, this gal isn't pregnant for round two (she and Josh are waiting to get frisky until after their Spring 2013 wedding), but she is about to become an auntie!

Yep, one of Mackenzie's two sisters is pregnant and ready to pop! No word yet as to whether the lucky lady in question is Kaylee or Whitney, but our money is on Kaylee. This gal got hitched two weeks after Mackenzie gave birth to her son, Gannon, so it's definitely possible that she and her hubby partook in some sexy sexy time after their wedding.

Credit: Instagram

Mackenzie shared the news of her sister's pregnancy back in December, when she posted an adorable pic of the baby bump, and we can't believe this gal is already in labor!

"My sister is having her baby tonight and i couldnt be more excited :)" Mackenzie tweeted on April 24. "Gannon will have a baby cousin."

Mackenzie is currently at the hospital with her sister, and has remained Twitter-silent since. No news is good news, so we assume both mommy and baby are happy and healthy!

Source: Twitter