Credit: Instagram

Mackenzie Douthit is going to the chapel and she's gonna get married to her adorable fiance Josh! This Teen Mom 3 baby daddy is all kinds of pumped about hitching his man-wagon to the gal of his dreams. In fact, he decided to celebrate by buying a motorcycle. Because nothing says romance like a hog (not to be confused with an adorable teacup pig).
So, how does Mackenzie feel about her man's new ride? Not good, guys. Not good. "Josh just bought a motorcycle?" Mackenzie tweeted on January 13. "Awesome lets get killed right before our wedding."

It's no secret that Josh is something of a risk taker, so we're hardly surprised by his new wheels. After all, this is the dude who rides bulls for a living. However, Mackenzie has a point — motorcycles are notoriously unsafe!

Let's hope these two buy themselves some snazzy helmets (preferably leopard print) and take it slow on ye olde Oklahoma roads.

Source: Twitter