Credit: Instagram

Two words: cuteness overload! Mackenzie Douthit and her baby daddy, Josh Drummonds, have always been one of the sweetest couples in Teen Mom Land, but they just took things to a whole new level of adorable.
Guys, may we present this flashback photo of Mackenzie's bare baby bump. But wait — it gets better! Josh is snuggling up a storm with his baby-to-be, and he looks completely overwhelmed with love. Do you see that smile? His eyes are closed and he's totally blissed-out, sob!

Sigh, it's pictures like this that make us beyond excited for Mackenzie and Josh's upcoming wedding. These two are clearly meant to be, and we have a sneaky suspicion that they're the new Catelynn and Tyler of Teen Mom 3. In other words, expect them to nonstop slay you with their romantic love connection.

Now excuse us while we ride off into the sunset on a baby donkey.

Source: Instagram