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Have you heard the news, Teen Momers? Miley Cyrus has chopped off her signature high bun and she's rocking a brand-new platinum blonde pixie cut. OMG, can you say adorable?!

This is definitely a drastic change for the pop superstarlet, and we have a feeling Miley's new look will inspire ladies the world over –– even MTV's Teen Mom Mafia!

These feisty mommas are known for experimental hair care, and most of them have rocked weaves, wigs, feathers, extensions, and multi-colors. But have any of them chopped their locks off? Not yet!

Almost all the Teen Moms have cascades of curly tresses, and we think it's time for a change. The real question? Which hot meemaw is best suited for Miley hair?

Leah, Farrah, and Jenelle all have fabulous bone structure that would look great with short hair, but Chelsea, Catelynn, and Maci tend to be the most innovative when it comes to stylin' themselves pretty. Then there's Kailyn, who is known for her signature long locks. How amazing would it be if she chopped them off for charity?

What do you think, hair care experts? Which Teen Mom would look best with Miley's pixie cut?

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