Credit: Marc Stamas/Getty Images Photo: Rosie Pope

Rosie Pope is a married 32-year-old mother of three with her own reality show — Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels — and she has some stern words of advice for our favorite teen moms.

Rosie tells OK! magazine, “I want to go on Teen Mom and whip them into shape.”

And just what is Rosie’s issue with the gals from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2?

She explains, “You should go into parenting when you’re ready to put someone else first in your life. The problem is, when you become a parent when you’re still a teenager, you’re still a child. While I’m sensitive to that, I find myself hard on the fact that if you’ve made this decision and you find yourself there, then you have to grow up. There’s no room for being a kid anymore.”

While Rosie’s comments may be harshly worded, we do follow her thought process.

What do you think of Rosie’s input: Does she make a valid point or is she way off base? Weigh in below!