Credit: Facebook Photo: Maci Bookout, Ryan Edwards, and Bentley at Hooters for Ryan's Birthday on Jan. 3, 2012

Teen Mom's hottest southerner, Maci Bookout, might be in a serious relationship with her long distance boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, but she just can't shake her ridiculously hunky baby daddy, Ryan Edwards! These two have had a beyond-dramatic relationship since Maci popped out their son, Bentley, but guys? Sexually frustrated love is officially in the air.

Ryan has been single for months, and he just can't stay away from Maci — despite the fact that she's a taken woman. We still haven't forgotten the time that Ryan Twitter-proposed to his sexy-exy, and now boyfriend is once again getting his his flirt on … cyber-style.

It all started when Maci jokingly re-tweeted that "we all know a douche bag named Ryan." Her baby daddy's response?

"Ha maybe that's the reason I can't keep you away from me!" Naturally, Maci shot back with "hahahaha youre so funny... youre askin for it," and then things took a turn for the PG-13.  

Instead of letting the flirtatious conversation die down, Ryan tweeted "are you going to give it to me!?" causing our hearts to melt in the process. We know, we know, Maci is head over heels in love with Taylor, but come on. There's no denying that she and Ryan are adorable — even when they're fake-fighting!

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