Credit: Twitter Photo: Ryan Edwards, Bentley and Dalis Connell

Teen Mom’s studliest baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, has a new woman in his life: The fit and fabulous Dalis Connell!

Dalis is a full-time student and professional model who studies pre-physical therapy and personal training at Tennessee Tech University. S

She’s also a track star with a passion for working out, and now she wants to help others get healthy through exercise!

Dalis has started a fitness blog with work-out tips for her fans to practice at home. She seems especially mindful of helping busy moms find time to exercise with quick and simple routines.

Check out her first video, where she acts completely adorable and teaches us how to work out our abs. You’ll have a six pack in no time!

Let’s hope Ryan and Dalis make it as a couple, she’s definitely a keeper.

Source: Dalis’ Fitness Blog