Credit: Twitter

Meet the NRA's new friend with bennies, Teen Mom's OG baby daddy Ryan Edwards. While the rest of the good ol' USofA debates gun legislation and stresses about assault weapons, our boo Ryan is sticking amo in his crotch. Literally.

Check out this picture of Ryan packing major heat! Let's see, he has a rifle slung over his shoulder, a pistol in each hand, and two enormous guns jammed into his pants. We are so beyond worried. OMG, please don't accidentally blow up your man-parts, Ryan. Think of the ladies. Think of the ovaries!

We're not sure what Ryan's up to, but according to his tweet ("Doin work") it appears that these guns are part of his job. Um, unless boyfriend is a professional Clint Eastwood Impersonator, someone needs to explain what the what is going on.

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