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We loved every second of Devon Broyles moment in the 16 and Pregnant spotlight, but sadly MTV was less than impressed.

Devon won't be appearing on Teen Mom 3 despite the fact that she was a clear fan favorite!
"it's crazy that we didn't even really get a chance like they should have let the whole season play before they picked," Devon tweeted to her castmate, Hope Harbert.

"Teen mom or not I love my son so much he is my everything he's my walking heart beat," she added.

Clearly, MTV is looking for more dramarama than Devon brings to the table, but sometimes it's nice to have at least one stable cast member to balance out all the crazy.

Look at Kailyn Lowry  she's a pillar of sanity in an otherwise deranged hour of television.

We think MTV should have given Devon a chance to shine on Teen Mom 3, but is she starlet material?


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