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Have you heard the news? Jenelle Evans and her new boyfriend, Courtland Rogers, have a kiddo living in their house –– and we're not talking about Jenelle's son, Baby Jace!

Jenelley has opened her home up to Courtland's daughter, JaJa (short for Jordan), who was previously living with her mom, Taylor Lewis. The details of this bambina's custody situation are still murky, but it looks like Jordan will be staying with Jenelle and Courtland permanently.
Awww, this is so sweet and generous of Jenelle, but we have a few minor concerns.

Let's not forget that Jenelley doesn't have custody of her own son — is she really ready to take on a daughter? Jenelle has definitely cleaned up her act in the past few months, but caring for a child full-time is a huge responsibility. We know Jenelley can do anything she puts her mind to (and Jace will love having a sister around!), but will she be able to handle what JaJa's bringing to the table?

What do you think, Teen Momers? We know all y'all love Jenelle as much as we do, but is this the right move for her?


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