Credit: Instagram

In case you haven't noticed, Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit is rocking a seriously smoking body. Especially considering that she recently gave birth to an enormous watermelon-sized baby boy. So, how did this gal beat the pregnancy pounds and reclaim her six-pack status? A flaw-free combination of exercise and healthy eating!

It's no secret that Mackenzie has diabetes, which means her diet is strictly sugar-free. In other words, she only puts healthy fruits and veggies into her body, and the results are definitely paying off! Of course, we can't forget that Mackenzie also works on her fitness like Fergalicious. Not only is she a professional cheerleader, she's taken up yoga and seriously can't stop contorting her body into various cray-cray positions.

Most of Mackenzie's fangirls would give anything for some fitness tips, and good news, y'all! It looks like this Southern belle might start a workout blog! "I want to start a fitness blog to help people become more healthy and fit and to also help diabetics," Mackenzie tweeted on February 20. "#shouldi? #opinions."

Um. Yes, please! We have a feeling Mackenzie's blog would be a monumental success, and bonus! She'd be following in the footsteps of OG Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, whose Valentine's Day bedroom workout is still haunting us on a nightly basis.

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