Credit: Twitter Photo: Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska Takes Selfie With BFF Landon Blow

We can’t deny it. We are in love with Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska’s beauty school bestie Landon Blow. The guy’s got flare, and he can do hair. And so we thought — should Landon get a spin-off?

Quite honestly, we don’t see why this wouldn’t be a good idea. For one, Mr. Blow is fierce. From his leopard-print haircut to his fabulous clothing, we can’t help but keep our eyes on him. And we can definitely follow his day as he styles the heads of all the frizzy-haired citizens of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Also, we can watch as Landon’s talent for hair and style is acknowledged by all the right people! He’s been tweeting about going to L.A., and we’d love to see him make trips out west, mingle with celeb hair stylists, and brand his online beauty blog on with Ms. Houska as his co-star.

We think that Landon’s potential is definitely golden. He’s a star waiting to shine. If you think so too, then sound off below!