Credit: Jenelle Evans on Facebook Photo: Jenelle Evans's Pitbull Brody

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans wants nothing more than to regain custody of her son, Jace, but her mom is making it nearly impossible. Now that Jenelle and Gary Head have broken up, Jenelle's been making a huge effort to get her house ready for her kiddo, but there's just one problem: an adorable pit bull puppy named Brody.

Jenelle got Brody a few weeks before her split with Gary, and her mom, Barbara, is less than thrilled. In fact, she won't even let Jace around the pup!

"I feel like I gave my son up for adoption and everytime I ask to pick him up u say no?!" Jenelle posted on Facebook. "This time it's becuz I own a pitbull puppy? I f*cking can't STAND u."

Pit bulls definitely have a reputation for being violent, but it all depends on how they're raised and trained  and we're confident Jenelle is raising a sweet-tempered pup. Then again, should she find Brody a new owner for the sake of seeing Jace?

We know Jenelle thinks her mom is cray-cray, but if she stands on principle and keeps the dog, she won't be able to see her son!