Credit: Twitter

Sophia Abraham gets so much wisdom and guidance from her mother, Farrah. After all, how would the tot have gotten rid of that unibrow by herself? Only Farrah’s motherly devotion allowed those stray hairs to be plucked out in the middle of the night. 

And now Soph’s found a new passion thanks to her mama — ice skating.

“I’m a #FigureSkater :) #USANationals!” Farrah tweeted, placing her head on the body of a professional ice skater in a photo.

Soon after, Farrah shared a photo from a skating contest she attended, saying, “#2013Omaha #USIceSkating #SmuckersSkatingSpectacular :) Sophia wants to be a IceSkater now :)”

Little Sophia might be a tad young to start on her dream, but we can see her spinning on skates in no time! And it’s probably a good thing the mother/daughter duo left Florida  — chances are the warm climate wasn’t the best for training a pro-skater.

Do you think Farrah should look into ice skating lessons for Sophia? Weigh in below!