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'Tis the season to dress up for Halloween, y'all, and you know what that means! We'll be breaking out our $600 bedazzled Jimmy Choo Uggs and walking the streets as Jenelle Evans. Which reminds us — must make trip to Victoria's Secret and buy giant PINK sweatpants.

Our girl Jenelle is already gearing up for Halloween, and she wants you to join in on the fun! This feisty Teen Mom is making an appearance at Dayglow Life in Color, which is the "world's largest paint party / concert / rave." That's right, Jenelle wants you to rave with her. Best news ever.
But wait! It gets better! Jenelle is being joined by her 16 and Pregnant buddy Nikkole Paulun, who is traveling down to South Carolina just to attend the event as a VIP!

"Holy s— it looks insane! & it's on Halloween!?" Nikkole tweeted Jenelle before buying her tix. "I wanna gooo. I'm gunna start looking at hotels now!"

Jenelle and Nikkole will be hanging at the Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on October 31, so make sure you buy tickets here for just $32. Oh, and did we mention the costume contest? Bring your Snuggie, that's all we're saying.

Source: Sulia / Day Glow


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