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Sometimes, Teen Mom 2 can make us laugh, roll our eyes, or snark to our friends. And sometimes it just breaks our hearts, and the Season 2 premiere did just that. 

All the girls were dealing with relationship drama: Leah Messer might be married now, but her husband Corey still doesn't trust her when she wants to work outside the home. Kailyn Lowry wants boyfriend Jordan to become more a part of Isaac's life, but can't tell baby daddy Jo about him yet.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska is in danger of being back "on" with her on-again/off-again ex, Adam. And Jenelle ... oh Jenelle. She's chosen to stay with Kieffer, despite all their legal problems, and when her mom finds out, Jenelle is kicked to the curb. 

A lot of drama, a lot of sadness in the Teen Mom 2 premiere ... whose storyline broke your heart the most?

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