Credit: MTV Photo: Kailyn and Isaac Sit Together in Season 2, Episode 5, Home for Christmas

Do you consider Teen Mom's music the soundtrack to your life? Check out the song list for Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 9, "The Beginning of the End," then download available tracks from iTunes!

1. "Tea for Two" by Yael Meyer

Leah talks to her mom about buying a house

2. "Blue Skies" by Kim Divine

Kailyn reads a letter from Jo fighting against paying child support

3. "Vulturehood" by Parades

 Jenelle argues with Kieffer

4. "Pen Theory" by Orders of the British Empire

Kailyn and Jordan discuss her child support battle

5. "Almost Ready" by Joe Kennedy

Kailyn and Jordan finish talking

6. "Nor Odor Clean" by All Smiles [FREE DOWNLOAD

Jenelle demands to see who Kieffer is texting

7. "Tides of Time" by Marc Robillard [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Kailyn meets with her attorney

8. "The Return of the White Rabbit" by The Bright Youth [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Kailyn and Jordan talk again about her child support claim

9. "Main Theme" by Orders of the British Empire

Jenelle and Tori fight

10. "Count" by Beads 

Chelsea talks to her dad about Adam as she drives home

11. "Tell Me You Love Me" by Desert Noises

Final montage


Source: MTV Music Lounge

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