Credit: Splash News Photo: Leah Messer at the Tanning Salon in Elkview, WV April 15, 2011

Being famous can be tough — especially when you’re a hot teen momma just trying to buy groceries without getting stalked by the paparazzi!

Now that Teen Mom 2 is back on MTV, the fab four have been thrust into the spotlight and the paps have taken notice.

Leah Messer tweeted, “&& the paparazzi bullshit begins! /:” adding, “they're following me down the road, and I thought I was hidden. Pshhh.. Right!”

Leah’s co-star, Jenelle Evans, joined the convo, tweeting, “damn I wonder if they will find me :/ since I have a new place too.”

Sorry for the hassle, ladies, but hey — fans just love seeing you out and about!

Source: Twitter

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