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Remember back in the day when Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert met and it was super awkward? Sigh, how times have changed. Now Leah Messer's boy toys get along better than ever — in fact, they've taken it to Twitter for a bonding session!

Leah and her ex-hubby Corey share custody of their twin gals, Ali and Aleeah, and apparently these Southern sweethearts are addicted to Free Willy. Um, duh, best movie ever.

"Watchin 'Free Willy' for the 1000th time this weekend," Corey tweeted on January 27. "#aligrace sending it back to@TM2LeahDawn & @Calvert505 tmrw.. Enjoy!! Lol"

Leah's current husband, Jeremy Calvert, responded "haha gotta love ya some free willy lol," to which Corey replied "we are about free willied out!! Lol."

We're so happy that Jeremy and Corey have put the past in the past and are able to get along for the sake of Ali and Aleeah! Before we know it these two will be sharing camo baseball hats. Ain't no bromance like a Teen Mom bromance!

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