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Getting a tattoo is a huge decision, and one you can't take back. Well, unless you pay the big bucks for laser removal, like our girl Kailyn Lowry. Kailyn is covered head-to-toe in body ink, but she's less than thrilled about a few of her tats. This gal had her "Pride Over Pity" tattoo removed during Summer 2012, and now she's tackling the puzzle piece on her wrist!

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"Dr. TattAway for more laser removal," Kailyn tweeted before her appointment on February 6. "#uglytattoo #badplacement." 

This gal still has a few more treatments to go before her puzzle piece is completely gone, but look at how much was removed after round one! To be honest, we kind of like the design now that the shading has been erased...

Tattoo removal is supposed to be an extremely painful process, but Kailyn says it ain't no thing. "It lasts all of 30 seconds and feels like rubber bands snapping at you really quick," Kailyn told a curious fan who was worried about her pain levels.

Do you think Kailyn should keep her puzzle piece tat? After all, it represents a part of her personal history!

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