Credit: Instagram

As if we needed another reason to secretly loathe Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie Douthit! The reality TV star posted a transformation photo on March 12, and we can’t believe how this mama has changed.

Mackenzie posted a picstitch photo of herself before and after having her beautiful son, Gannon Mckee.

#transformationtuesday #hardworkpaysoff,” she Instagrammed. In the photo, we see pregnant Mackenzie with a huge baby bump next to a post-baby photo of the former All-Star cheerleader with a flat tummy — in a bikini. Umm, what diet is she on, and how do we sign up?

Credit: Instagram Photo: Star Mackenzie Douthit's Amazing Transformation!

It’s no secret that Mackenzie is obsessed with physical fitness. Since the pint-size Oklahoma mom was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 11 years old, she’s had to be very conscious about eating right and staying fit. Doesn’t hurt that Mackenzie also had cheerleading to keep her physically fit, as evidence by the many photos she’s posted of herself doing crazy stunts!

Our eyes are working overtime and we’re green with envy, but we definitely commend Mackenzie for losing all that baby weight and having abs of steel!

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