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Bikini season is almost upon us, which means it's time to put down that plate of churros and look to our beloved Teen Moms for fitness inspiration. All of MTV's mommies rock fab bodies considering that they popped out kiddos at the tender age of sixteen, and Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager is having major success with her summer weight loss.

"Guess who is down 11 pounds in less than two weeks," Katie tweeted on April 24.

Wow! How has this gal lost so much weight?! According to Katie, she's shed pounds thanks to a combination of "eating healthy, bikram, and Xyngular."

Um, come again? We're pretty sure that last word isn't English.

Apparently, Xyngular is a weight loss system involving pills and calorie burning drinks — all of which are holistic — and Katie is one of their online distributors!

Xyngular appears to operate somewhat like Scentsy, a popular franchise among Teen Mom's stars (ie Kailyn Lowry). They sell their weight loss products through a pyramid system, where Katie sells products while simultaneously recruiting other distributors to work underneath her. And the bonus? She gets to keep a portion of their profits!

Wait, so she's losing weight and making money? Talk about a win-win!

Source: Twitter / Twitter / Xyngular