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Pregnancy is a blissful time full of Kim Kardashian-inspired peplum dresses and binge-eating, but let's get real. Baking a baby in your belly is hardly glamorous — especially once you pop that thing out and are left with stretch marks, cankles, and about 30 extra pounds. Luckily, most of MTV's Teen Moms bounced back to their pre-pregnancy bods in no time and look more fabulous than ever!
Briana Dejesus gained her fair share of weight during 16 and Pregnant, but the pounds melted off once she gave birth to baby Nova. Nowadays Bri is a lean, mean, mommy machine — but apparently girlfriend thinks she's "fat."

"Wow I took a picture and I look soooooo fat," Briana tweeted on February 1, adding "Lol wow can't believe I'm a size 5 / 6."

Ummm, we'd give over our entire collection of Uggs to fit into a size 6. Clearly Briana's let her mommy hormones get the best of her — she's tiny! Are you shocked that Briana is worried about her weight considering how slim she is? Dish it in the comments!

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