Credit: Instagram

Spring is just around the corner, and it's time to make some major changes … by which we mean it's time to give yourself a makeover. Teen Mom 2's Katie Yeager just moved to the great state of Utah, and she has a fabulous new look to match her new digs! Yep, this gal dyed her locks of love ombre, and the tips are red. Red like the fires of Mordor.
"Finally posting a picture of my hair," Katie wrote on Instagram. "Brown and red ombré #valentinesday."

Sigh, girlfriend is so stylish — and we love her multi-colored tresses! Clearly she's heeding the wisdom of her Teen Mom forefathers, and with any luck she'll have dyed her hair a lovely shade of Cruella de Vil by this time next year. Also, hopefully Katie will have two half-sleeves and a confederate flag tattoo by the time Teen Mom 3 premieres, just saying.

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