Credit: Twitter

Katie Yeager is Wyoming born and bred, but this gal is ready to pack up her bags and start a new life — in Salt Lake City, Utah!
"If you guys didn't notice I changed my city :) I'm no longer a Wyoming girl #wyoprobs," Katie tweeted on January 31.

Katie's had a rough year of makeups and breakups with her baby daddy, Joey Maes, so we can understand why she'd want to get the hellz out of Wyoming. "I got a good job and house in slc so I am going there," she tweeted, adding "new job. New house. New Katie."

But is Joey coming with? Not so much. "just me and molli," Katie told a fan. Hmmm, we're not sure if Joey will be cool with his daughter packing up and leaving, so hopefully Katie isn't in for a bitter custody battle! Then again, the fact that she has a new job and a new house must mean Joey knows about her plans … maybe he's being understanding after all!

Do you think it's fair for Katie to take Molli away from Joey, or is she making the right move (literally, guys, literally)?