Credit: Instagram Photo: Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager Takes Daughter Molli to Day Care!

Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager had to endure the grueling task of saying goodbye to her little girl, Molli, for a couple hours when the tyke started her first day of day care on March 11.

As you recall, Katie recently started her new job at Neutron Interactive in Salt Lake City after making the move from Wyoming to Utah a few weeks ago. Now that the newly-single mom is bringing home the bacon, Molli has to spend her days sharing wooden blocks with the other day care kiddos.

My first day of work and molli's first day of daycare. I'm gonna miss my baby but she did so good!” Katie Instagrammed alongside a photo marking the momentous occasion. Thank goodness Molli survived her first day at day care and didn’t have to duke it out Hunger Games-style with those other babies (even though we think she’d totally get her baby Katniss Everdeen on!).

While we can imagine how much Katie’s probably missing her adorable 1-year-old, it’s not without its perks. The Teen Mom 3 mama Instagrammed the slew of sweet benefits her new job at Neutron offers, and let us tell you — for those perks, we’re thinking of hitching up the wagon and moving out west too!