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The tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School has shaken the entire country, and as you might expect MTV's Teen Moms are more than a little upset. All of these girls have children around the same age or younger than those who lost their lives, and emotions are running high. In fact, Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager has been so affected by the news that she's decided to homeschool her daughter, Molli.

"One of the many reasons why Molli will be home-schooled. Who shoots kids? Why do we live in a world like this? #PrayForNewtown," Katie tweeted on December 14, adding, "Makes me sick to my stomach. Whatever happened to schools being a safe place for children to learn."

Like many people in the aftermath of this shooting, Katie is calling for stricter gun control. After one of her fans tweeted that only police officers and soldiers should be allowed to carry guns, she tweeted, "That's the way things should be. Parents trust schools to be able to keep their children safe. I'm sure changes are coming."

Let's hope Katie is right. In the meantime, keep sending thoughts and prayers to the people of Newtown.

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